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All prices listed are for personal artwork. For professional or corporate work, or if you have any questions, please contact me.

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Payment will be made through PayPal. I will send you a PayPal invoice to request payment once your request has been submitted. For commissions less than $50, the full amount must be paid up front. Higher amounts can be paid in 2 parts- half up front and half once the sketch is finalized. You will receive the finished piece upon its completion. Once work has begun, refunds cannot be given unless the artist is unable to finish the piece.

During the art process, I will send WIPs so you can check the progress and request revisions. 2 rounds of revisions are free. Extra revisions, depending on difficulty and time required, may include an extra fee. (Example: Slightly changing a character’s hair color will not cost anything. Completely changing their hairstyle will.) All the more reason to be specific when describing your commission!

Final Product:
Once you have paid the full invoice and I have finished your art, I will send you the finished, high resolution art files via e-mail. There will be no physical product delivered in the commission process! You are paying for digital files.

Rights and Legal Information:
In general, once you’ve received your commission from me, you are free to do whatever you want with it! However, there are a few limitations based on the rights I retain as the artist. You are not allowed to:
•Sell it, or sell anything with the design included on it.
•Modify or alter it
•Claim credit for its creation, or give anyone besides the original artist (me) credit for creation.

Also, if you use the art as an icon, profile picture, banner, etc. you must link back to me with proper credit. (with my social media handle @yonsoncb)

As stated earlier, the prices listed here are for
personal-use, non-commercial art pieces. Commercial pieces will have extra fees for licensing. Please contact me for a detailed quote.

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