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Blog #1 - in 2024…


2024 is approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog mainly to keep myself accountable for my personal projects and to not loose track of the things i wanna do, plus this can like an art journey journal kinda thing and in case i forget you guys can poke me and let me know I’m not doing what I’m supposed to hahaha.

So, with that said let’s talk about what i plan to do in 2024 and the fist thing on my list will be to actually finish Hooligans, a comic idea that started earlier this year but i haven‘t finished yet but I’ll show you where i am at with this and what i need to do to finish it.

something i did really in this project was the logo itle but tat subtitle might not stay I haven’t updated it since i drew so pay attention to that part.

but you might be wondering “what is Hooligans about??!”, right?well, hooligans is the story of Cillain and Clodagh his mum, and how she went above and beyond get him back after he was taken when he was just a baby even when people told her not to since it was a lost cause but the love for her son drove her to do the impossible.

Some of you will notice similarities to the folktale “the stolen bairn and the sidh” and that’s because originally i wanted to do an adaptation of that story but while figuring out how to do it Cillian came into existence and then he became my character for a dnd once so the folktale was the base for Cillian‘s backstory and that turn into what hooligans is now.

now regarding the comic itself the things i need to do to finish it are: a story, concept art, storyboard, pencils and ink, colours and a cover. Out of all that I have the story, concept art and I’m currently working on the storyboard, that is nearly done.

here are some sneak peeks!

Btw some of these you have seen already.

Concept art:

Story board:

So I’m hoping to get the story board ready before the year ends and hopefully start working on the pencils and inks.

Other stuff!

Every year i pick a thing to learn as hobby and this next year that will be coding, i wanna learn how to code in godot and to practice that i’ll make a single level game about Bromance which is a comic made my friend @trystan.

with this little project i expect to work on it throughout the entire year and I’ll share updates about it so far I’ve just done some pixel art animation for the main character and did the idea for the title card of the game.

And here are Hector animations some are still missing tho

And here’s Nicholas art but i think I’ll do some changes to it later.

i think that‘s all for now, i’ll share more updates as things move forward, thanks for taking the time to read all this hahaha.

see you in the next blog update!

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Jeff Truchon
Jeff Truchon
2023년 12월 19일

Some nice projects on there for sure! :D And it’s always fun to see people be interested in getting new skills and abilities. Can’t wait to see everything you manage to create in 2024! 😁

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